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National - higher court
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Supreme Administrative Court
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Decided Case No. D.27/2553
Standing, Administrative
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Environment gen.
Legal questions

The case concerns the court competence and standing to sue of two NGOs and a person who filed a case against the Prime Minister and the Cabinet for approving the regulation of the Office of the Prime Minister on coordination concerning opinions from independent organisation required under Article 67 second paragraph of the Constitution B.E. 2550 without due and appropriate process required by law.

Although the Court found that it had competence to try and adjudicate the case, the Court determined that the regulation had an effect of mandating the established Committee to undertake coordination in order to establish independent organisation, the legal implication of which in itself had not yet affected the rights and obligations of the Plaintiffs to become or may be inevitably aggrieved or injured which would give rise to the Plaintiff’s standing to sue. The Court therefore dismissed the case.