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Sabin Center
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District Court in Administrative Matters
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Amparo No. 1200/2020
Climate Change

The General Law on Climate Change in Mexico was issued in 2012. This law contemplated the Climate Change Fund, a public trust fund created to increase the existing resources to address climate change. According to article 80 of the Law, it had the objective of attracting and channeling public, private, national, and international financial resources to support the implementation of actions to address climate change. However, in 2020 the Mexican Congress reformed the Law and eliminated the Climate Change Fund.

On December 17, 2020, the Mexican Center for Environmental Law (CEMDA) filed a complaint against the amendments, arguing among others, that it violates the constitutional right to a healthy environment. The plaintiff requested an injunction to suspend the effects of the amendments, asking the Court to stop the elimination of the Fund. The injunction was denied.

However, the Judge considered that the reform did not restrict the exercise of any right. The Judge argued that the reform did not disappear the funds to address climate change, it only reallocated the resources on to the Federal Expenditure Budget. Therefore, the Court decided the case against CEMDA, considering it did not violate the right to a healthy environment. CEMDA appealed the decision before a Collegiate Tribunal.

In August 2021, the Tribunal decided, due to the relevance of the case, to send the appeal the Mexican Supreme Court. The Supreme Court’s decision is still pending.

Key environmental legal questions

Whether the elimination of the Climate Change Fund violates the constitutional right to a healthy environment.