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Damages, Evidence

The plaintiffs were from the Pollution Control Department, the Department of Fisheries, the Office of the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, and the local administrations. The lawsuit brought against the defendants for a cargo ship that contained raw sugar sunk in the Chao Phra Ya River in the area of Ayutthaya and Ang Thong Province. The cargo ship was overloaded, and after the accident, the sugar that remained in the cargo ship was pumped out and release into the river caused the damages.

The Supreme Court granted the compensation included the expense of the investigation research for the natural damages which the Court decided as it was the direct cost from the incident. Also, the Court ruled based on the scientific evidence the fish died because of insufficient oxygen supply in the water causing by the raw sugar contaminated, and not from the chemical pollution by other factories nearby. Therefore, the Court granted compensation for natural restoration.