Virtual meeting

The emergence of COVID-19 has brought major challenges to all peoples of the world in unexpected ways. Many point to our unabated abuse of nature as the underlying cause of this pandemic. It has amplified numerous existing challenges such as weak health institutions and lack of social protection for the most vulnerable. It has also added to the already alarming issue of rapid climate change, presenting more complexities for the processes of adjudication and the achievement of climate justice. There are growing calls for the global community to act on climate change with the same rigor and intensity as the COVID pandemic. It is clear that without urgent action, the consequences of runaway global warming will far outweigh the impacts of the virus. Judiciaries around the world must continue to dispense justice for people and the environment in this “new normal”. Creative and innovative responses by judges are key to ensuring that our recovery from this pandemic will move towards a just, resilient, responsible, and sustainable normal, where the health of people and nature are balanced, and principles of environmental law and justice are at the center of recovery plans.