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National - higher court
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Supreme Court of Pakistan
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Human Rights Case No. 31-K/92 (Q)
Human Rights
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Environment gen.
Waste & hazardous substances
Akhtar, S.
The Court noticed a report by APP expressing apprehension that business tycoons were making attempts to purchase coastal area of Balochistan and convert it into dumping ground for nuclear or industrial waste, which would not only be a hazard to the health of the people but also the environment and the marine life in the region. The Court was of the view that this would violate Article 9 of the Constitution of Pakistan. The Court ordered the office to enquire from Chief secretary of Balochistan whether coastal land of Balochistan is being allotted to any person. If so, the full particulars of that person should be supplied. The Chief Secretary made inquiries in compliance with the Court order and reported that plots had been allotted by the Balochistan Development Authority, but that no plot had been allotted to any party for dumping of nuclear waste. The Court ordered that because the dumping of nuclear or industrial waste would be a clandestine act, the authorities had to regularly check that the allottees were not engaged in dumping industrial or nuclear waste of any nature on the land or in the sea. It also ordered that in future the Balochistan Development Authority should submit to the Supreme Court the particulars of all persons to whom land had been allotted and that each future allotment should include a condition that the allottee should not use the land for dumping waste.