In 1998 hackney owners attempted to create a secondary market in hackney plates as applied in 1991/2 when a temporary moratorium on hackney licences created a licence value of €25,390. The hackney licence holders sought to apply the taxi licence precedent of restricting entry to their sector. This is an action in which the Plaintiffs who are owners of hackney licences, are essentially complaining about two separate aspects of the regulatory regime governing taxis and hackneys. The High Court stated that “ hackney licences are regulated quite differently and the mere fact that the regulation of hackneys does not produce a similar side effect produced by the regulation of taxis, does not in any way render the regulatory scheme discriminatory… Because of the long established policy of restricting the number of taxi licences in taximeter areas, there has been for many years a saleable market in taxi licences but there never was such a market in hackney licences except during that very short period in 1991/1992. There could be no obligation on the Minister to create such a market.