Forests, Land Use, Environmental Impact Assessments, Inspections, Air pollution, Protected Areas, Wildlife, Permits, Polluter Pays, Evidence
The main question considered in this case was whether the mining activity in area upto 5 kms from the Delhi-Haryana border on the Haryana side of the ridge and also in the Aravalli hills causes environmental degradation and what directions are required to be issued. With a view to monitor the overall restoration efforts in the Aravalli hills and to provide technical support to the implementing organizations and also to monitor implementation of recommendations contained in reports referred to in the judgment, a Monitoring Committee was constituted. The Monitoring Committee was directed to inspect the mines in question in the said case and file a report, inter alia, containing suggestions for recommencement of mining in individual cases. It was further directed that the Aravalli hill range has to be protected at any cost. In case despite stringent condition, there is an adverse irreversible effect on the ecology in the Aravalli hill range area, at a later date, the total stoppage of mining activity in the area may have to be considered. For similar reasons such step may have to be considered in respect of mining in Faridabad District as well. Since the direction was in respect of mining in Gurgaon district, this observation in respect of mining in Faridabad district was made.