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This petition has been made in the public interest, for improving the conditions of the Swarup Rani Nehru Hospital, to ensure constant and uninterrupted supply of electricity to the medical college and its hospital at Allahabad, that costly equipment's installed in the department of Radiology, Pathology, Microbiology and other departments may be maintained in proper order and the same may be made available to the general public and the patients of the hospital without failure or excuse, and to ensure hygienic conditions in the Hospital to provide basic amenities and life saving drugs. In the last seven years, the Court has monitored the requirements of the hospitals associated with the Medical College, detailed in the three orders quoted as above. The Court gave directions to various authorities including State of UP, to provide for necessary funds for infrastructure and equipment. In the order dated 15.12.2010, Hon'ble Supreme Court has found that most of the directions were in public interest, but that since there was no pleadings or prayers in support of some of the directions given by the Court, the impugned judgements were set aside and the High Court was requested to decide the matter within six months from the date of communication of the order. The Court decided to make all its orders, which have not been complied with and in respect of which the works are incomplete detailed as above, absolute. Wherever the funds have not been provided, the State Government shall release them within a period of three months. The Medical College will be allowed to keep the unspent amount in PLA account and submit the report of the utilisation to the Principal Secretary, Medical Education, Government of UP