Damages, Prevention, Property
Decision of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation delivered 22 August 2007 in the case “Mendoza, Beatriz Silvia et al. v. National Government et al. about damages (damages derived from the environmental pollution of the Matanza – Riachuelo River)”. As regards the action brought before the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation - the procedural purpose of which is to safeguard the collective property known as the Matanza-Riachuelo river basin against the existing environmental pollution - the Court exercised its authority to obtain public information, especially for the involved population and to submit a comprehensive plan to comply with the objectives. The Court considers it necessary to compile accurate, updated, public and accessible information to progress in this prevention and recomposition process. The Court decided to order that the Basin Authority, the National Government, the Province of Buenos Aires and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires furnish accessible information on the water and air conditions of the basin, water-bearing strata, industries currently located at the basin which carry out polluting activities, etc. The Court also established several measures related to the handling of the said information.