Jurisdiction, Evidence, Property
Applications were filed by the Alliance in both the Trial and AppealDivisions of the Federal Court of Canada for judicial review of the Joint Public Review Panel Report dated 27 October 1997, and the Report of the Commissioner for the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board dated 27 October 1997. The review sought to set aside and refer the reports back to the Joint Panel and the Commissioner to direct Sable Offshore Energy Project to file a socioeconomic impact study incorporating an economic cost-benefit analysis and the environmental effects of the project on Cape Breton. Proceedings were consolidated in the Federal Court, Trial Division. The Federal Court Trial Division dismissed the judicial review application. The concern of the applicant for assessment of socio-economic effects upon Industrial Cape Breton of the use of natural gas in Nova Scotia, in particular any use of gas as a replacement for coal in the generation of electricity in the province, is left to be addressed by the Government of Nova Scotia and by the proponents of projects that are directed to the end uses of natural gas in the province.