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Cr McCudden was the sole director of Quintaz, which controlled a number of businesses, including asbestos removal and demolition services. The court was told in July that Cr McCudden and Quintaz had pleaded guilty to the charges, which arose after council inspectors discovered fragments of asbestos at a 17-hectare Sawyers Gully property, owned by Quintaz. The asbestos was in fragments on top of and within stockpiles at the site and had not contaminated the soil. Defence for Cr McCudden told the court his client had not been given enough time to comply with the council's orders, which led to him defaulting on the notices. The Judge agreed with Cr McCudden's defence team that the presence of asbestos on the site was minimal and she said she accepted that the harm done to the environment was also minimal. Nevertheless, she ordered Quintaz to pay a fine of $112,500 and $45,700 towards the council's legal costs, while Cr McCudden was fined $21,000 and $26,700 in costs. The damage was in failing to act when the council identified a problem and showing "disregard for the regulatory regime", the judge said.